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  • Installing Wastewater Treatment Systems Since 1985
  • Flexible Products for Homes and Small and Large Businesses
  • We Diagnose Wastewater Problems at Our Laboratory

About The Nibbler Company

Founded in the late 1980s and based in Washington State, The Nibbler® Company designs and manufactures technologies for commercial facilities and residential properties. The Nibbler® technologies can be used for new systems that do not have access to sewer or existing systems that are failing or facilities that may want to expand but do not have the additional space that may be required to expand their current system’s footprint. The Nibbler® products are the only thoroughly tested and guaranteed high-strength on-site wastewater management system on the market today. With thousands of systems in the ground, our success is proven. A sister company of The Nibbler® Company is Aqua Test, Inc., which is a wastewater management firm with a Washington Department of Ecology-accredited wastewater-testing laboratory. The Aqua Test laboratory develops and implements new protocols to keep up with the cutting edge of scientific technology. Aqua Test is constantly updating its technological procedures to keep up to date with the implementation of environmental and analytical chemistry as well as highly sophisticated computer data management. The quality and accuracy of the data generated by the laboratory is constantly being checked, validated, and fine-tuned.
Aqua Test Inc., also professionally operates and maintains both commercial and residential on-site systems and, like the Nibbler® Company, is nationally recognized as a leader in analyzing failing and or challenging systems. Aqua Test, Inc. monitors only those systems that they understand fully and only repair a system when they know why it failed. The professionals that work there are always equipped with the proper tools to operate, maintain, and analyze systems. Often, creativity is used in challenging situations concerning special, environmental, and regulatory constraints. Aqua Test is available for local, national, and international consulting.
Between these two companies and their competent and knowledgeable staff, there are very few projects they cannot help with. From design, installation oversite, operation, and troubleshooting existing systems, you can rest assured your system is in good hands.
Matt Lee is the owner of Aqua Test, Inc. and The Nibbler® Company. He has a B.S.E in Civil Engineering from Chico State University and is an on-site wastewater consultant both locally in Washington state and nationally. He has been in the on-site industry since 1993 and was instrumental in developing the current operations of Aqua Test, Inc. and the design of the Nibbler® systems before he purchased both companies from their founder, Bill Stuth. Mr. Lee is also a nationally known speaker and author of papers in the industry.
Kory Krick is the director of Aqua Test’s Laboratory Division. Kory holds degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Central Washington University and has graduate work experience in Molecular Toxicology from Dartmouth College Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.