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Helpful Bacteria in Septic Tanks: Maintaining This Careful Balance

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Your septic tank does its job smoothly and efficiently, but it does need a little maintenance from time to time. For example, you need to make sure that the balance of healthy bacteria is level and safe or you run the risk of poor septic tank operation. The following information will help you better understand why this matters and let you know what steps you must take to maintain this balance. 
Septic Tanks Possess a Huge Microbiology
Septic tanks possess a surprising array of microbes, including various forms of bacteria, fungi, algae, and nematodes. These microbes thrive off of the waste in your tank and live inside of it without spreading upward into your home. In many ways, a septic tank is like a minor microbiology lab under your yard. 
Don't worry about these bacteria or fungi, though, because they are placed in your tank by a professional to help you. Understanding the benefits of these microbes in your septic tank can help you better grasp why you need to keep their levels balanced as much as possible. 
Organisms in Septic Tanks Help Protect You
All of the microbes in your septic tank are there to break down the waste matter in the container and to keep the tank operating smoothly. Many forms of bacteria feed off of this waste matter and carefully eliminate it while leaving behind a non-toxic waste of their own that flushes out of your plumbing system. 
When these levels of helpful microbes get low in your tank, waste may start to collect and trigger problems that require professional help to manage. These microbes are typically killed by a variety of items in a home, and you must take steps to ensure that they don't end up in your tank.
Household Items May Kill This Bacteria
If you treat your septic tank properly, the bacteria level in your tank is likely to stay stable. However, situations may occur in which this bacteria is killed, including when you:
  • Put various types of chemical cleaners down the drain
  • Try to flush solid objects, such as non-degradable paper towels 
  • Don't fix breaks in the septic tank and let in outside bacteria, mold, or fungus
This latter problem is a particular issue because harmful bacteria, fungus, and mold may grow in your system and infest your waste. In some situations, these contaminants could spread up through your system and trigger a variety of issues, including bacterial infestation in you or your family. 
Maintain a Healthy Balance 
If you are concerned about the bacterial balance in your septic system, take several steps to ensure that it remains safe. The following steps are the easiest and most beneficial that you can utilize to keep your septic tank running smoothly:
  • Avoid chemical cleaners in your plumbing system 
  • Add helpful bacteria to your septic system 
  • Keep solid objects out of the septic tank
  • Regularly clean the septic tank 
  • Fix any problems with the septic tank 
These simple steps provide you with the chance to keep your septic tank in great shape without compromising any element of its operation. You can do most of these on your own, though you might need some help with fixing any damage to your septic tank. Professionals can also help you to maintain the proper level of bacteria in your system through regular applications.
Septic Help Is Available 
If you are worried about the state of your septic tank and want to ensure that it runs smoothly, please don't hesitate to contact us today at The Nibbler Company to learn more. Our professionals will help you better understand the nature of your septic system and will provide you with the high-quality repair and maintenance you need to keep it running smoothly.